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Devon Dogs wins 2023 Silver South West Tourism Award for Naughty But Nice Retreats

On 16 November, 2023, the organisers of the South West Tourism Awards announced their 2023 winners. These admirable businesses are the latest to demonstrate excellence in the tourism industry. Winners include Seaton Tramway, Raceworld Karting, and Devon Dogs.

About Lauren Langman, Devon Dogs’ Owner


Lauren Langman is the training expert behind Devon Dogs and Bowerland Cottages. Her concept-focused dog training strategies centre on engaging games. She shows dog owners how to keep training fun and positive, offering rewards to celebrate good behaviour instead of withdrawing from or punishing dogs.


Lauren has always loved dogs. While studying at university, she ran weekend training sessions. Since then, she has developed revolutionary training programmes that dog owners worldwide benefit from. She secured the Bowerland Cottages training site on the television show Relocation Relocation. Now, her expert team offers several training retreats at this site.


Apart from the Naughty But Nice Retreat, these programmes include the Gundog, Games Extravaganza, Fitness and Tricks, Being a Better Dog Trainer, Scent Focused, New Year, Christmas Is Heaven in Devon, Obedience, Heelwork to Music, Adventure, Agility, and Super Spaniel Retreats.


Devon Dogs and Bowerland Cottages aside, Lauren Langman is an experienced, top agility competition winner. She has written four books that offer innovative advice on how to train dogs. She is also the co-founder of A-OK9, an all-natural dog supplement dog company that provides a holistic approach to your dog’s overall wellness with top-quality sourced ingredients. In addition, she co-hosts the Sexier Than a Squirrel Podcast, where she interviews experts about effective dog training techniques.

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